Abouts us

myhome.am is a public real estate website through which you can buy, sell, rent or lease real estate.

All those who want to buy, sell, rent or lease real estate can now make safe and profitable deals with a number of advantages.

Our advantages:
1. We create a direct relationship between the buyer, seller, tenant, landlord (s).

2. All transactions are made directly between the buyer, landlord, seller and tenant without the mediation of a brokerage or brokerage organization.
In the case of a transaction commission is not charged.

3. Directly from developers (apartments and other areas).

4. Urgent sale of apartments and / or commercial premises
Advice (the latter is usually below market value)

5. Examples of lease and sale agreements drawn up by competent lawyers (it is advisable to verify and confirm the validity of these agreements)

6. The ability to install a video in the site, through which you can upload and / or watch a video image of the property.

7. Apartments for rent daily
In this section, individuals or legal entities can place an application for a short-term rental property

8. Control the whole process yourself and, if necessary, make any change, activate or temporarily make your offer passive.

9.  On the map myhome.am, you can find ads for real estate and the terrain of which you are interested in the most.

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